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i've had all of those symptoms. mine may be worse. I went through a very stressfull period. I woke up one morning and could not see out of my right eye for 2 minutes. trust me two minutes is a lone time when you can't see. I also started having a really bad head pain at the back of my head. it was very different from a normal headache kind of felt like a pressuse that would not go away. I also was having stomach problems. first it started with constant burping and passing of gas. I had and endoscopy and the anestesia gave me a reaction. i started having throbbing feeling in my veins, arms and legs. I had an MRI of the brain which was normal. I was told i was depressed and put on wellbutrin. since then i kept having sharp pains throughout my body. My stomach was still acting up. I went and had a CT scan of my abdomen and they found i have an inflammed bowel. The contrast that i drank for the scan gave me a reaction in my nerves that when i tried to sleep i would vibrate and feel nausea. I was given a drug to calm my nerves down. i still get pains and feel my nerves tingling and twiching everytime i eat. I have to have a colonoscopy down to find oout the cause of the inflammation. I still have to visit with my nuerologist to take some more test to see what's happening with my nervous system. Because i believe that is causing all my other problems.

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