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Hey, I was just wondering if these signs were common of TMJ or anything else for that matter. You see, I've had a cracking in my jaw, especially noticeable in the morning, for a couple of years now, ever since I had rubber bands with my braces. Anyway, I've also had varying degrees of dizziness and lightheadedness which has become much worse in the past couple months. When I went to an amusement park over the summer, it was so bad, everthing went black on most of the rides. I didn't loose consciousness, but I couldn't see for a while and was very disoriented.
Most noticeably lately, is walking up the stairs and everything begins to black out and I become short of breath, or just changing positions. Also, when I bend over, and other times, I get these pounding headaches in the back of my skull that don't last for more than 10 minutes at a time, but are so painful, they make me double over in pain sometimes.
Also, sometimes my movements feel clumsy, like I'm disconnected from my body. I also have dark rings around my eyes. I never really associated this with much of anything.
At first, I thought I might have allergies to something, but I was tested and everything came back negative. And then three times, two before and one recently, I had blood work done to test for anemia and thyroid levels, among other things, but everything came back normal. This sounds similiar to what some other people posted for TMJ, but I was wondering if these were very 'normal' symptoms, or if it sounded like this was something else. I'm going back to have more tests done in a couple of weeks including and EKG in the event that what's going on is related to a heart condition. I was more concerned that it may be related to a brain injury. You see, I play soccer, and have been hit in the head by the ball and other people, more times than I can count, but have never really felt bad enough afterwards to get any tests done. If anybody has any ideas of what this may be please let me know.

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