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Hi, i've actually written about this problem before here. About 3 months ago I started feeling weird things in my head and neck. Already cleared. But now 3 months later it's still there but a little less. I get shock-like and stabbing-like pains on the side of my head on the right (some times on the left) behind my ear. These pains usually come on when I hick up or cough. I don't really get head aches much. Also, my eyes sometimes through out the day, feel sore, almost as if they have bruises in them. Usually resting them helps. Also, when I grind my teeth, they feel sensitive and they hurt a little, mostly in the part where I grind them. Also, sometimes when I grind my teeth "the right way", it brings along one of thsoe stabbing pains. Those stabbing pains only last 1 second or so but they happen more often than other days. These little problems last pretty much all day. They are more uncomfortable than anything. They are not pain to the point of staying home from school m,but more like a pain that gets you down and depressed because you never know when it'll come again. In the past 3 months i've had days where I have nothing at all (like last week for example) but now ever since last Thursday it's come back. I don't know why and how to stop it. I take some Aleve during the day but i'm not really sure if that helps. I started seeing a chiropractor about 2 months ago and just when I thought that was helping it wasn't really. He said it could be the muscles in my neck, because sometimes I do get the weird pain in my head when I turn my neck but rarely. All these things seem to not be there in the morning when I wake up but as the day progresses they come back. All the doctors i've seen said its probably stress and that I need to calm down but I just can't. I even did a CAT scan and the results came back okay. Although I have improved over the last 3 months, i'm still not satisfied that it hasn't completely left me. Does anyone know what this could be? Does anyone have the same things? Please help!

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