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A couple of months ago I got out of bed one morning and was very dizzy. I figured i had some type of ear infection or something of the sort. I went to an ENT Doctor a couple days later and he found no problems. He cleaned out my ears and sent me on my way. A week later I returned and got a balance test done. Balance test results were fine, nothing wrong. A week later he prescribed me something for congestion, still dizzy. My symptoms: I was unbalanced when making quick movements, ie getting out of bed, going from sitting down to standing quickly, laying on my side then sitting up, and so on...

A month or two later my neck began to get stiff. I sort of ignored the neck pain and now it has gotten worse. When I move my neck from side to side I can hear it pop. When I move my head in controlled, slow circular motions my head feels heavy and slow. Also, when I am standing I get a feeling of unsteadiness/unbalanced, and this also occurs when I am sitting.

Another strange thing is my ears are popping a lot, not really sure but they have been popping for months now, ever since my first day of dizziness. Not only that but I do have headaches at times, they feel like sinus headaches, but they have been present throughout this whole ordeal.

I am wondering what could be wrong with my neck, I think this is the reason all of this is occuring to me, even the popping ears I presume. Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: i also believe i am suffering from some anxiety, but that wouldnt cause this type of neck pain / dizziness would it?

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