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First off, I was a very healty and active middle aged woman running my own business with no health problems at all! Awhile back I was blow drying my hair and all of a sudden I got huge shock to my brain. I threw down the dryer and had to hang onto the sink to keep from falling over. This had nothing to do with the blow drying like I thought! I had small tingling sensations for the next couple of weeks to the very same spot. It seems like since then I've been having similar small shock feelings all over my head. .I'm sure it wasn't a stroke because everything still works fine. Although right after that I started having diarrea for a month and a constant pain right directly behind my belly button. I've been to the drs for that and am just waiting for some tests. I hate to tell him about the head thing because he might think I'm a nut case. Could all this be related. Also I have have terrible chest pains and went to emergency for that a couple of time..I'm waiting on tests for that also. I've always been healty and only went to the drs for my regular "lady" test and that's it...I'm just wondering if this head shock started it all...I've be in pain and miserable for months now and really need help with this...Thank You, CAROL ANN

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