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A few weeks ago the left side of my head began tingling. Now it tingles, and hurts. The pain is sometimes like a little electrical shock and other times like someone is driving nails in my head. My entire left side is weaker than the right. My left side hearing is less, the muscles on my left side are weaker. My neurolgist says the tingling and pain are trimenigial neuritus. He prescribed neurotin 300mg twice a day. This seems to help the intensity and frequency of the pain.

My short term memory has gotten terrible. I stumble around sometimes like a drunk. A CT of my head showed cortical brain atrophy excessive for my age. Could this be the cause of my stumbling and failing memory?

I have had a dialated cardiomyopathy for 10 years. I have a 100% paced heart rythm, AB abulation done in 1994. I have an ejection fraction of 49%, and my angiogram of my heart showed clear coronary arteries. I have CHF Stage III NYHA.
I take Coreg 25mg BID, Accupril 20mg, Spironolactone 25 mg, Pamalor 50mg, Serazone 100mg, Lasix 40mg, Kudar 20mg, Coumadin 5mg, Lanoxin .125mg, Vitamin E 400mg, Multiple Vitamin.

A friend of mine who is a radiologist told me I had nothing to worry about. I still worry.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


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