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A nerve question
May 3, 2001
ok here's the deal. a while ago i made some posts about this and well its still bothering me so i wanna ask again. i went to the emergency room a while back from what i was told a panic attack. well it started from me pushin on what looked like a vein on my penis. it just sent a weird sensation through me which nearly made me passout and i felt as if i was having a heart attack. the er doc told me i hit a nerve. ever since...(which is about 4 or 5 months) ive been having these "anxiety attacks" because im constantly feeling pains all over. i get sharp pains in my head, both sides of my chest, arms, legs u name it. Im always thinking the worst as if im gonna have an anyersim or something so i get really scared, which brings on these panic attacks. Also, when i urinate it hurts. ive been checked for viral infections and they found none. it almost feels like i have to force out the urine. its like stoppin in the middle of pissin and then startin again. thats what it feels like. im really scared, im only 19 and im prayin all day and night because i think im gonna die. my blood pressure is fine but i still think there is something thats gonna drop me dead. to make this long story short (sorry about all of this i just want to talk about my pains) i wanna know is it possible to damage a nerve in your penis.....and if so would that cause me to have muscle spasims and pains all over my body??? please help me!! im sick of livin like this. i need some advice. thanks

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