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[QUOTE=adarnell]I am looking for any suggestions that could possibly tell me what some probable causes of a strange feeling throughout my body (mainly everything above the knees). It feels like a low-grade shock. It comes and goes and is increasingly getting stronger. When it is there, it is constant, and it seems that it is there more than not these days. It does not hurt to touch the skin, but does hurt in a strange way inside - like it is in or on the muscles. I just want to flex every single muscle in my body and hold them as tight as I can. It makes it so I can't stand to sit still. I need to be constantly using muscles. Moving back muscles and arm muscles seems to be what I want to do. This all started roughly around early fall of last year.

I am not stressed out and do not feel that it is any type of anxiety.

I have migraines and am on Depakote that I take nightly to help control them. I also take Imitrex when necessary. I say my migraines are caused by the constant chronic pain I have in my neck (the muscles are almost always irritated - not tight, but hot and sore). I go to the chiropractor who has helped me confirm that my muscles are not tight when this is going on.

I had an MRI done on my head about 2 years ago due to the massive migraines I was getting. Nothing was found. I had an MRI done on my neck this past Oct./Nov. that showed nothing also. I don't know if any of this is related to the shock feeling, but my gutt tells me that it is.

My neurologist is stumped about the shock feeling. She put me on Neurontin hoping it would help relieve the shock feeling. I tried taking it as often as she wanted me to, but had to stop a few days after starting the medication. I was way too tired and I have to work, drive places, etc. I was falling asleep everywhere. About 24 hours after going off of it, I had my worst "attack". It is completely out of control. I went back on it at night, but that isn't enough and I am still very tired all the time.

I need a real explanation for what is happening to me and not just a way to cover up the pain. I will settle for anything that helps "numb" it or stop it for the short term, but I need a real solution. I can't be the only person in the world who has experienced this.

I did try to search on the internet for neurological conditions, but I get so hung up on the terminology that I don't get anything out of what I am reading.

Please help me!!! I am so frustrated and I don't know what else to do.

Also, I do have other symptoms such as occasional numbness in my lower left back. I will also wake at night while sleeping on my side and find that the arm in the air (not the one I am sleeping on) in completely numb.

I sometimes have vision problems, very rapid hard heart beat, vertigo to the point I can be standing still and then I fall in a fashion that looks like someone pushed me very hard to my right. My ankles sometimes swell up for no apparent reason. The top of my feet close to the "pinky" toe will sometimes fiercly hurt. I find that I can be walking up or down stairs or a hill of some sort and it feels like the back and insides of my knees completely swell up and I can hardly move them - with no visual signs of anything. I have also been getting very sick all of the sudden with faint feeling and complete coldness feeling.

I do have scoliosis (spelling?) and very "loose" tendons and ligaments throughout my body which my chiropractor blames for part of my problems. I don't know though.

I know I put a lot in here, but since some conditions have various unrelated symptoms, I thought I would just "unload" them all.

Please someone out there... help.

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Did you ever visit the [COLOR=Red][removed]?[/COLOR] Many of the symptoms you describe also fall into that category. Like MS, there are about six different types of CMT and also Heriditary Pressure Palsies.
Do any other members of your family suffer from any similar problems like yours? CMT usually affects the four extremities and there is weakness at the foot and ankle and with dorsiflection of the foot. There are many articles on Charcot Marie Tooth. I have a younger brother who had scoliosis as a young teenager and he is now suspected of having CMT but they aren't sure as the blood tests were not conclusive. However, he has to wear an AFO splint on his left foot to help with his walking.
It would be something for you to investigate anyway and check with othe members of your family as it is genetic. Good luck and all the best.
The Canadian

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