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I believe doctors are afraid to do surgery so they tell you it is not the problem. Many doctors tried to scare us so we wouldn't want surgery. One doctor even told my 11 year old daughter she could very easily die if they try to drain it. She would probably bleed to death. I thought that was so cold hearted. Now her cyst is growing and she may have to have surgery. She is so scared because of what the doctors told us.
Doctors don't understand it is so hard watching your child suffer and having no help!
I heard of a great doctor in Boston, MA. His name is Dr. Peter Black. I know he has done over 2000 brain surgeries. I contacted his office, but haven't seen him yet.
When I find a good doctor I'll let you know. Maybe we can help each other!
Take care and God bless you,

We went to see Dr. Peter Black. We drove 9 1/2 hours to our appt. We waited in the waiting room almost 3 1/2 hours. He spent 3 to 5 minutes of time with us! We received no help! It was a waste of our money and time! He was not concerned. He said, you already had 3 opinions. He also said seizures aren't caused by pineal cysts. Nausea, dizziness, and her many symptoms are not caused by pineal cysts. He gave us no time to ask questions. He was up and out the door. It was the quickest doctor appt. I ever had. I was totally shocked! Why do doctors have no concern or compassion for people with pineal cysts?

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[This message has been edited by Dodger8 (edited 07-01-2001).]

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