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Head Pain
Jul 31, 2001
I am very worried about a pain I have been having in my head for over a month now. Earlier in the month, my pain was more of a pressure at the top of my head near the back. No other symptoms. Went to the dr. and she did a thorough exam (testing for numbness, high blood pressure, etc.) and said to get massage therapy on the neck and do neck streching exercises...I have had past whiplash and problems with my neck so she thought it was radiating to my head. I did the massage therapy for a couple of help. Went back to see her, getting more concerned that it was not going away. She gave me anti inflammatory pills. After a week of taking them, no help. In the last few weeks, the pressure isin't so bad, but the dull pain/irritation is more specific to the top of my head near my left side at the back. The only other symptom that has developed is I have an on and off very slight earache on that left side. Here's the wierd relieve the pain/pressure I put my hair up in a ponytail and it seems to alleviate the feeling in my head. I guess the pressure of pulling the hair back....helps???? Very odd. My dr. is very nonchalant. Should I ask to see a neurologist? Get a Cat scan or MRI...what is the difference? Could it be related to my neck? It is in my head and not going away now for a I am very worried....HELP!

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