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Pain in head
Nov 4, 2001
Hi, I have a pain in the right side of my head when ever I cough. It is a sharp pain that seems to be getting larger in area. About 7 yrs ago I had the same problem in boot camp and when I would excercise, the pain would get so bad during hard excercise and then it got to be bad if I merely had to hold my breath and bend over to put my gas mask on, at one time the pain dropped me to the ground and lasted for a few seconds maybe longer. Now I have the pain in the same side when I cough, which I have to do because of smoking and a cold that won't leave. Lately I have also had vision problems, where things are slightly hazey and seem really out of focus. A couple of seperate times times I had spots. I have a pinched nerve on the same side in my kneck that occasionally is a pain. Whether it is constantly pinched I am not sure and if this would be related I am not sure eather.Would anyone know what this could be or if I should go bother a neurologist?

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