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About a week or so ago. I had an episode of disorientation followed by an intense headache, which felt like someone kicked me in the left upper part of the side of my head, it lasted about 10mins I think, it was bad enough to make me stumble backwards at onset, after the pain subsided the confusion got worse and my right hand and arm were so weak that I couldn't cut up a ripe pear w/ a sharp knife, now I am having trouble w/ speech, the weakness pretty much is not as noticable, but the confusion is much worse. I end up switching the order of words in a sentence: Daughter asked if she could watch T.V. during supper, I answered "Now, no, you eat your T.V. and then watch pears" and sometimes cannot recall the names of things I use everday and/or call them the wrong name: asked husband if he would "throw these clothes into the dryer to wash" when he corrected me I tried again and said "no, I meant to say know ah.. the DRYER!" My speech is also slower and my sense of time passing is very bad, think I have been doing something for 4minutes and it turns out to be 1hour. Anyone know what I should do?

type II diabetes
mom of two
married 10yrs
unwilling to give up on myself

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