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A couple of days ago at work is when this started: On the top of my head on the right side in an area about the size of my fist, it started pulsating about every 20 seconds or so and it has been 48 hrs now and it has not stopped. When it pulsates, it feels like someone is putting an ice cube on my head for 5 seconds and then taking it off and then 20 seconds or so later it will do it again! I woke up this morning and it wasn't doing it but then when I turned over on my right side it started doing it again and has not stopped. I was not feeling well about 5 days ago. I stayed home from work because I was real nauseated all day. I did not know if this could be some form of migraine, allergies, etc. It kinda scares me a little. Any ideas out there? I don't really have any other symptoms with it. Thanks!

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