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I suffer from major depression to the point of disability. I woke up the other day and was very scard because I suddenly had no strenth in my legs and I have this never ending burning in the front part of my brain. I have a shaking problem that I did not have before and I can't stop paceing the floor even though I am so tired I can't hardly stand up. My ballance is way off and I could not hardly finish a sentence before forgetting what it was I was saying.
My back ground is a lonf drawn out regiman of many drugs to combat my systems of depression for the last seven years and all I have done is get further and further down as the treatments for my systems increased. I have gone through shock theropy 13 times and really fell down after that with black outs and severe loss of memory. They kept telling me that it would go away. I also suffer from FIBRO-Maralzsa Sorry for my spelling as it is part of my memory loss. I have been on Serezone 600mg per day with Methadone 60mg a day and Zanax 40mg a day as of the last 6 months. Yes the pain from Fibro-Maralsza was controled but my life was gone. All i could do is stay in the bed. I got so bad thaT I WOULD CANCEL MY DOCTORS APPOINTMENTS because I just couldn't go anymore. Even though my husband was taking me "due to my black outs" I just could not funtion at all. I went to my last appointment six weeks ago and I could not stop twitching and uncontrolable shaking and could not remember a complete sentence. My doctor said to me " I think we should continue on the same medications for now and my husband stood up and said NO WAY! Look at her! Look what you have reduced my wife too. You are wanting to keep her going on these drugs till when doctor, till she dies? I want her off all drugs because she is dieing doctor. He said "you are right we should get her off all drugs I agree. Wow was I proud of my husband. My husband also told the doctor that he wanted me to be slowly backed off these drugs in the correct manner as to not hurt me or make me suffer in any way. So I was to back off these drugs in a two month back off. I was finally down to where I was off all medication for about a week and believe me when I tell you that I quickly remembered the Fibro/M. It was really hurting me bad. I called the pain center who used to treat me and told them what I had been through and asked them if it was ok to take one pill of the Hydrocordone 7.5 for some relief. I got so sick and nausiated that my husband took me to the hospital because he thought I was dehydrated and I was. I went home and two days later and woke up the next day and I was lost and scard and could not talk and think clear at all and my ballance was terrible and worst of all I could not remember things that I had wrote doen just a week ago. I can't get this burning to stop in the front part of my brain. It feels like it's on fire and now my left leg is num. I am at Peachford Hospital now and they just can't find what it is after MRI and EEG. The MRI came back ok and the EEG showed some spiking from the left frontal lobe. But the doctor"who is the same one my husband chewed out" says that it could be nothing. They are calling in a Neuro doctor to re- read the MRI. I am frightend and I want to klnow if anyone has a clue as to what is happening to me?
Thank You

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