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I had just joined this board yesterday, to try to get some answers about Fibromyalgia, and some other symptoms that I also have.
Then, last night, for no apparent reason, I woke at 4:00 a.m with pain in my neck and very bad pain on the right side of my head, I have never had migraines, and this was much more painful than a headache, it really scared me.
I took some advil, and also folded a pillow and pressed it against the back of my neck, and I fell back to sleep for an hour before getting up for work.
My vision was blurry last night, but I didn't really think too much of that because I do have some glaucoma.
However, I have had alot of blurry vision before and my opthamnologist said that he doesn't think that the glaucoma is causing that because the levels are not that high.
I also did feel a little nauseous, and couldn't understand why.
I too, have IB, depression, hard time concentrating , anxiety, alot of the same symptoms and tests as alot of you have had.
I am calling my new doctor to see if he has an appointment for this Friday, but in the meantime, I just wanted to post this because, it sounds similar to
some of the things that I have read here.

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