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Hi there!
Sorry to hear of your symptoms Jon, but thank you so much for posting them! I have been having some of those for years after a diving accident when I was a kid, though I've never been to a doctor about them (guess I just thought that everyone got them!)
In a nutshell...I have chronic spine problems, especially in the upper neck. I have tingling and pins and needles all over, and numbness including the face, jaw, gums, neck, chin and scalp. Looking on the net I found that the trigemminal nerve can cause these symptoms if C1-C3 is injured. Though that doesn't explain the other things I get like: TV static/snow eyesight, with flickering like on a computer monitor, and lots of pinpoints of bright light and dark pinpoints. Also when I look at the floor it is rolling like ocean waves. When standing up after crouching or sitting I get a big wave of dizziness, like all the blood is draining from my head which feels really heavy. At the same time I get a roaring noise in the ears and my eyesight goes dark with black microdots. At the same time my heart just starts pounding for no reason. I have tinnitus all the time, and it is getting worse. It's pretty hard to hear at times, and when someone starts talking to me I can hear their first sentence but can't make sense of what they are saying and have to get them to repeat themselves. It's like I'm tuned out or something...kind of like they are speaking a foreign language. I'm also finding it hard to concentrate generally and feel like I'm really thick in the head. (which isn't very helpful for a University student) Also when I sit exams (3hrs) I feel really short in height when I stand up afterwards, lasting about 10 minutes. Same thing happens when I ride horses and jump off, I get dizzy, and can't see for a few minutes (black dots...heaps)
I also get this weird whole body shudder about once a week, like a giant shiver, and all the hairs on my arms stick up and I feel really chilled.
I get headaches and pressure in the head/face also, and the joins in my skull bones are really tender to touch. At times I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing/pounding for no reason, and can hear blood rushing/pounding in my ears.
Going to a neurologist in a few weeks for the spine problems....does anyone have any suggestions for tests I should be having? Could it be heart problems?

Take care everyone and best wishes! :)

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