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I have read all of the replies you have gotten, and you have gotten many. I agree with the person who thought it sounded similar to Vascovagal Syndrome. This disfunction has many names, I was diagnosed with it, however, my doctor refers to it as Neurally Mediated Syncope (NMS). I have been diagnosed with this along with my mother, my sister, and my cousin.

The idea behind Neurally Mediated Syncope (or whatever you want to call it) it that there is a mix up in the message delivered from your brain to your heart. So when you move from a lying position to a standing position, your blood pressure drops instead of rising, allowing little or now blood flow to your brain, which is necessary to function! When this happens, it can cause severe dizziness, headaches, blackouts (the blizzard, I refer to it as TV fuzz) and even passing out. When your blood doesn't get to your head it pools in your arms and your legs. When you get the blood moving (by doing your squats at work) it gives your circulation an extra little kick to help you feel better temporarily.

If this sounds similar, I go to a cardiologist to regulate me on medications. They first diagnosed me by doing the Tilt Table Test (TTT)
I take Proamatine, but often times for severe casses, doctors will use a combination of medications usually including some type of beta-blocker like Toprol.

I hope this is somewhat helpful. Good luck in getting the help you need. :)

Hi Jon,my name is Nick and i think i have something very similar to you,again with no apparent medical cause.However,my symptoms started whilst i was using recreational drugs(cocaine mainly).I went to sleep one sunday night loaded on booze and coke and woke up with slightly tight fuzzy head(similar to nervous exhaustion,fatigue)Constant dull to painful headache/pressure in various places around the head,particularly the temples.Weakness/shaking in the legs round the knees(constantly when standing),sensations of bodily weakness and underfoot movement(like someone's slowly pulling the carpet out from under you);these build up when you stand still almost like you have a gentle weight pushing down on you.Pervious to this(6 weeks)i had my first bad drug experience.It happened to be on coke and booze,although i had done tons of speed and pills for several years with no bad effects.Anyway,i had a bad heart scare,it started beating erratically(fast and slow,sometimes missing a beat);i **** it big time.I was in total panic,scared for my life,i went to a friend's to calm down;despite all this i carried on doing coke(i was addicted).But from that day on i had a constant slight nervous shaking though my whole body,with acute attention of my heart behaviour;in fact it seems to beat harder(not faster)now or at least feels like that in my head and neck.Well,nine months later from that i again awoke after another loaded night,to find that my symptoms felt worse and my vision was now patchy/blurry like sunspots or when you rub your eyes and open them,except it didn't completely fade away.I too,see movement in my peripheral vision field sometimes and if i look at an object for a while,it appears to move/distort like when i was tripping on drugs.I stopped using drugs completely then,i was so scared and panicked by the way i was falling apart that it stopped me dead.That was 18 months ago,recently i had a bad bug/flu,whatever-Iwas vomiting,had the **** bed for 2 days,off work a week.In that time,my shaking/weakness has got a lot worse,fatigue,headaches also,hard to keep a clear head now-bad enough before;i have left my old job,i can't handle it now.I have had blood tests,seen and ent specialist,MRI scan,acupunture,chinese herbs,reflexology,massage,crainial osteopathy,prozac,amytriptilene,nutritional and vitamin therapy,ECG test;the bloody lot.NOTHING,ZIP,ZERO. Or so the establishment tells me........Depression,anxiety over this are now rising fast and hard,until recently this was just managable.I am just about keeping the wolf from the door and following the last line of investigation-Psycotherapy/hypnotherapy-sound wacky?Well do some checking and ask yourself if you had some very stressful past experience or fear that could be coming out in you now through illness.Try looking at Post traumatic stress disorder/anxiety neurosis and psycosomatic illnesss,if you think any of this applies.They think i'm a mystery too.....however my psycotherapist told me he has seen people who turned to him in desperation,after having seen every doctor,having every test known to man with no avail(sometimes 17 years down the line);only to find that their problem is psycological.The last place anyone would look,the brain's a powerful thing.....but what it creates it can remove,with help.I hope my problem lies there and that it can be attacked.....maybe yours does too.Be warned though,there are no quick answers here,the workings of the mind are vast and complex to say the least and very individual.Hypnotherapy may be the quickest way there.
Anyway,hope you got some food for thought and that your life finds salvation one way or another;don't know about you but only God know's how much more i can take of this..........Nick.
Hi there!
Sorry to hear of your symptoms Jon, but thank you so much for posting them! I have been having some of those for years after a diving accident when I was a kid, though I've never been to a doctor about them (guess I just thought that everyone got them!)
In a nutshell...I have chronic spine problems, especially in the upper neck. I have tingling and pins and needles all over, and numbness including the face, jaw, gums, neck, chin and scalp. Looking on the net I found that the trigemminal nerve can cause these symptoms if C1-C3 is injured. Though that doesn't explain the other things I get like: TV static/snow eyesight, with flickering like on a computer monitor, and lots of pinpoints of bright light and dark pinpoints. Also when I look at the floor it is rolling like ocean waves. When standing up after crouching or sitting I get a big wave of dizziness, like all the blood is draining from my head which feels really heavy. At the same time I get a roaring noise in the ears and my eyesight goes dark with black microdots. At the same time my heart just starts pounding for no reason. I have tinnitus all the time, and it is getting worse. It's pretty hard to hear at times, and when someone starts talking to me I can hear their first sentence but can't make sense of what they are saying and have to get them to repeat themselves. It's like I'm tuned out or something...kind of like they are speaking a foreign language. I'm also finding it hard to concentrate generally and feel like I'm really thick in the head. (which isn't very helpful for a University student) Also when I sit exams (3hrs) I feel really short in height when I stand up afterwards, lasting about 10 minutes. Same thing happens when I ride horses and jump off, I get dizzy, and can't see for a few minutes (black dots...heaps)
I also get this weird whole body shudder about once a week, like a giant shiver, and all the hairs on my arms stick up and I feel really chilled.
I get headaches and pressure in the head/face also, and the joins in my skull bones are really tender to touch. At times I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing/pounding for no reason, and can hear blood rushing/pounding in my ears.
Going to a neurologist in a few weeks for the spine problems....does anyone have any suggestions for tests I should be having? Could it be heart problems?

Take care everyone and best wishes! :)

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