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John, I know how you feel. Listen to my story

Approximately 10 months ago, I awoke with a strange stiffness/tightness sensation in my head. Not at all present the night before, this newly developed pressure enveloped my entire head -- it was most prominent in the forehead, the sides and in the upper neck region. Accompanying the physical sensation was one of mental stupor. I felt vapid -- I could not concentrate, focus or rationalize clearly. At first, I associated the pressure and mental malaise with a common cold -- I felt as if I was comming down with something (my nose was running) and that I would recover quickly -- however the feeling has persisted. I have trouble thinking, speaking, and seeing straight ...I feel as if I am in the twighlight zone since I cannot comprehend my surroundings or interact with people. Anxiety attacks, memory loss, are frequent as is a tingling sensation which shifts from my head to face to my extremities. I was a heavy drug user (ecstasy and cocaine) in the past for approx. 2 years but I do not understand how drugs could provoke this literal overnight change....especially since the transformation did not immediately occur after a binge period (it occurred about a week later). I am at my wits end..I have seen about 10 doctors (allergists, general practitioners, and neurologists)and explained to them my situation. I have had an EEG,a CAT scan, and an MRI. They have found nothing. They continually allude to the idea that my problem is purely psychological and that it was not a stroke. However i beg to differ isnce my symptoms are reminiscent of those accompanying a stroke. I have been prescribed numerous forms of medication. The most recent ones have been Valproic acid and I am now on Nortripyline and something else. These drugs do virtually nothing. Does anyone know what my problem is or have any suggestions for medication??? I cannot go on living like this. I am acutely aware of my inability to function in reality and i cant do anything about it...please help .


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