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I don't know if this would be the right forum for this problem, but it's so vague and non-specific, I don't know where to start. My Mom, who is 80, complains of a burning sensation beneath her skin in different areas of her body at different times. Sometimes it's her back, other times it's in her chest area or her arms or legs. Often it starts after a meal.
She's had bloodwork, which showed nothing unusual, and her Dr is stumped. She has herself convinced that she's got some kind of blood disorder or brain tumor. She complains that her face and nose become red, and that she gets a little blood from one nostril, but I've never seen the redness, it seems to happen when nobody is around, so I'm wondering if this is all in her head.I'm wondering if it could be anxiety-related, which is what her GP seems to believe.
I've posted in the aging forum, but wanted to get a bit more feedback from others.
thanks in advance.

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