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I have been undiagnosed with some sort of brainstem related problem for 5 months now. My symptoms include Light sensitivity- rings around lights, opague floaters in central vision, ringing in ears, sensitive hearing like a noise will just send a jolt through my body, occipital pain/pressure right were spinal cord enters the skull everday, neck has gritty sound, facial numbness comes and goes on right side only, severe nausea, and on several occasions my legs just jerked for no reason. I have had blood test for lyme, lupus, thyroid, a ct w/wo contrast, and a mri all negative. I went for a mri/mra with contrast today but won't have results till end of week. I know that either there is something going on in my brain-stem or for some reason my cranial nerves are irritated. I also noticed a small squishy bumb at c6 but it is only present when my head is extended (? relation). I had a epidural 6 months ago and had medication injected into the wrong space and was stuck 3 times(from a pregnancy)so the lastest mri/mra was to rule out a dissection. Does anyone have any similiar symptoms or have a clue what can cause them. Thanks

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