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I had several injuries. A tire iron went thru my skull, I was nocked out on a window sill, I was nocked out with a pipe on the front of my head I was in a auto accident and nocked out, I was hit with a large rock on the front of my head I was nocked out on a sprinkler sstem control pipes sticking out of the ground and I hit it head first and damage my front head, I was fallen off a tree and could not get up afte i hit my head , I was poisend with carbon monoxide, then I had alot of nose bleeds, vomiting severe head pain for 7 years, doctor wanted to take out some of my skull and put a plate in, mom said, no way. I hallucinated and also was put on darvacet and phenabarbatol. I lost sense of left and right and get lost easy, and have buuuzzzig in my head and jolt like electricity too, and confusions also with communication. My brain scan shows calcification on right side and also I see there is no return to "normal" so folks you must train your own brain and forget all the "experts" cause they dont know a thang!Ihave more symptoms but will not write them out too many to go on with.

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