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Here goes...Back in August of 2001 I began having chest pains, I wentt to the doctor and they had me do a stress test and tilt table test. The only thing that showed up was my blood pressure dropping (hypotension). My doc put me on Zoloft for that and sent me on my merry way. Three weeks into that I began having seizures (still had my chest pains). At fourth week Atnenol was added for the chest pain. I had a ct scan, MRI, and eeg (sleep deprieved and regular)NOTHING. Doctor then added Depokote. I had severe reaction to this drug. I was paralyzed for eight hours after one of my seizures and then came out of it alright, confused but alright! I on my own dropped all meds because I was feeling worse than when I began this. I am still on no meds!!!!My seizures have begun to change on me. In the beginning I would always have blurry vision before they would begin, but now I get this incredible pressure in my forehead. I can't think right when this happens. The pressure can last into the next day. Two times the pressure has begun and I've had a seizure and the pressure has lasted into the next day, but I recieved relief after having a bloody nose. Like the pressure was drained away. My doc blew this off, said the two couldn't possibly have anything in common. I have been in the EM Unit twice, but they haven't caught one of my seizures, they want to put me back in for a third time but I'm not willing.(its expensive) Is there any tests that haven't been done that I should look into? I still have chest pains. I'm really tired of going to the doctor and getting no answers! They don't want to put me on seizure meds because they don't know which part of the brain they are coming from. I really need some relief!! For goodness sakes I'm only 28, my babies are only 3 & 4, I want to be around to enjoy them!!! I will hear them talking to my husband when I've had a really bad day. They ask why I'm sick all the time. And even when I'm not sick I'm to worn out to be the energtic mommy I used to be. I feel as though life is just passing me by anymore. Any suggestoins would really be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

I hope all of you are doing well and thanks for letting me vent a little!!!!!

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