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[QUOTE=LukeW]I'm a 21 year old male and I have had chronic lightheadedness for a month and a half now. I can't drive or even leave my house without anxiety causing it to intensify.

It all began one day when I was in the gym doing shrugs with heavy bar bells. When I put the bar bell down I suddenly got very lightheaded, forcing me to the gruond. This was odd to me because I am a very healthy person and was well hydrated and was eating right at the time. I've never taken any supplements and I wasn't on any medication either.

I waited 30 minutes till I felt better and then decided to call it a day and go home. On the way home I experienced severe lightheadedness in the car and my finger tips and cheeks went numb. I couldn't stop shaking and I thought I was going to die. I went a neighbors house and told them to call an ambulance if I passed out, but I started feeling better after a about 30 minutes except for a lightheaded feeling and a constant dull pain in the back of my head.

Ever since that happened I have had a constant dull pain in the back of my head that causes headaches and lightheadedness. Anxiety when away from home causes my symptoms to intensify. My neck seems to get real stiff, and feels almost numb in a way. It feels kind of like an ice cold burning sensation at times.

I saw a doctor about it and he told me that I probably had an inner ear infection causing the problems and that I would feel better a few days. He said the numbness was just brought on by anxiety because I was driving when I got lightheaded. He told me to take motion sickness pills with meclizine in them until then. Well that was two weeks ago and I'm still feeling awful.

I have no idea what I'm up against. Could this be some kind of neurological problem? At first I thought I had just strained something, or pinched a nerve, but now I'm beginning to worry that it could be something more. I'm thinking about going in for further testing. Unfortunately I don't have any insurance, just some money I saved for my Junior year of college. I'm really in a fix so any comments, prayers, or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

This message is for luke.

Hey man, I am also a 21 year old who can relate to exactly what you are going
through. I was getting into the best shape of my life working out all the time.
It was in late November when i was doing chest day with my buddy and all of a
sudden my left arm gave out and i new something was wrong right away. I went to
the doctor and he immidatly sent me to a cardiologist to observe my heart as it
was my left arm that was numb and tingly. Ever since that day i have been
lighteaded constantly some moments worse than others. I had huge anxiety attacks
in the first couple months where i didnt want to do anything but sleep because i
was afraid i was going to die. I am in month 4 1/2 and am still
getting the lightheaded feeling but not as often as in the beggining. I also
have the neck pain and headaches from time to time. My doctor still doesnt have
a diagnostic reply but i have really been head strong and just been fighting
through it trying to do my everyday activities like golf and tennis but yet
still have not gone to the gym. This is just a brief message but please email me and we
can discuss this furthur. It sounds like we are in the same boat so the more
information the better for the both of us. Id like to figure this **** out.

[email][email protected][/email]
[QUOTE=sdc1213;3439099]I'm getting the same issues! I am currently doing acupuncture for TMJ, depression, anxiety, and let me tell you it really does help. I've had anxiety my whole life, have been medicated since in the 7th grade (currently 21) have had my ups and downs, but nowadays my stress is so rediculous that I have no other way of venting except with anxiety related symptoms. Constantly lightheaded, feeling as if I'm going to faint along with issues with tension headaches, insomnia, sometimes I sleep too much poor appetite. I would like to compare symptoms and solutions because I really do think this is panic/anxiety and stress related.

Well I have had symptoms for around 8 years now
Dizzyness, not like spinning, but a sudden falling sensation, constantly lightheaded, feeling unsteady and shaky, feeling weak, feeling like I am passing out, sudden numbness in arms and face and chest area, panic attacks (which I still think are due to my symptoms) ringing in ears, sleep apnea, cold hands and feet, hands sometimes going blue but only when outside, lower back and abdominal pain (more like an ache)
Along with this I have had lots of heart type symptoms which i have had for about 15 years on and off, chest pain, left arm pain and numbness, feeling suddenly hot, tingling in arms and legs usually left sided, feeling I can't breath properly, and also these strange sensations which I can only describe as similar to the falling sensation you sometimes get when falling asleep. Its like I have stopped breathing although I know I haven't, but this sudden urge to take a deep breath along with an acute panic type feeling
which only lasts a few seconds, as though i have just had a shot of adrenaline or something, or like an electric shock. Its hard to describe but its scary

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