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Thanks for the advice RAline. I was doing shoulder work when I first got severely lightheaded. I was donig shrugs with 65 lb. barebells in each hand. I am on a multi-vitamin the provides a wealth of B12 and my protein intake was high before the problem occurred. I'm not taking in as much protein now because I'm not being as strict with my diet anymore.

Allan, thanks for the sympathy. I'll need to go and look up what exactly an anyurism is(I think it's spelled differently...), but if I remember right it it's when a blood vessel or something breaks and blood fills up in your head creating pressure? I'll definitely look into this, thanks for the suggestion!

My worst fear is probably dying because of an undiagnosed problem that could have been avoided with proper attention. If I didn't feel like I might pass out and never wake up again I think I could cope with it better. I have been stressing over this new developement in my life a lot because it seems to throw everything out of whack and has put me in a financial tightspot. I have been seeing a chiropractor for the last week and I will be getting X-rays done today, in about 20 minutes actually. So I'd better take a shower and run! Talk to you all later.

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