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Hi Courtney and Leela
I really sympathise with how you are feeling. I had the exact symptoms as Luke (2002), I started to get a pain across the back of my head and dizziness which lasted a few seconds. It got much worse and last September I collapsed in the street. After that it got so bad I could not walk anywhere and got to the point where I could not stand without nearly fainting. I had tingling in my face, hands, went blue in the face, had foggy head and a tight pain in a horizontal line across the back of my head. It was very frightening. To cut a long story short I was hospitalised twice and went to the ER three times. Doctors started by saying it was an ENT problem. It was not, as the following tests showed. Had CT scan, MRI scan, ECG and heart monitor. All were normal. Due to this the doctors just told me it was depression. My local doctor did not believe this and I did not either. I eventually found a specialist of general medicine who diagnosed two problems. One was a neck problem, very badly misaligned neck which caused pressure in the head and led to the pain across the back of the head (occipital nerve) and leads to headaches in that area and up the side of the head and into the temple. It also causes dizziness. I was prescribed 10mg amitriptyline per day and it has been a very effective pain killer. I am also visiting a chiropractor regularly and my neck is getting back in line. The second problem was chronic overbreathing which causes you to inhale and exhale too much air. Exhaling so much means that you do not receive enough carbon dioxide in your body and that also leads to dizziness. After two visits to a chest physiotherapist, where I was taught to breathe slower and more shallow at about 8 breathes per minute (instead of 20) the improvement was instant. The dizziness stopped and I am also free of tingling, numbness and going blue and foggy head. So with the two problems having being diagnosed and with the two treatments: chiropractor and chest physiotherapy along with the pain relief I have had a great improvement in my health. I am still not fully back to good health though. I get very tired and weak and when I am tired I get the same headache across the back of the head. I had stopped driving for 6 months but have just started driving again. I am very anxious about going out and about for fear of collapsing again but I just want to share my experience and hope that it might help someone. It was very frightening and the doctors just did not want to know, once the various tests all came back negative. The one test which did pick up a problem was a lung function test. It is very unpleasant having symptoms which doctors do not seem to be able to identify. I know there are a ot of people out there who have had the same sort of symptoms as myself but have been told that they can't find anything wrong. But with the two treatments, on my neck and breathing, I feel so much better. I hope all the people suffering from these symptoms feel better soon.

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