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So, I have for once been feeling better for a couple of days. No migraines, no vertigo, no tingling/numbness of extremities... I even went for a 6 mile run and began to feel like doing distance training again. My follow up MRI, meant to rule out tumors, MS, etc., one last time (already had a normal MRI) is in 2 weeks, and for once I wasn't counting the days to getting the "bad news"

Then, last night, I noticed a bright red spot, the size of a thumbnail, on the left side of my nose (by my sinuses). This morning, driving from work, I looked at my hands and realized both my index fingers were red and splotchy. No other fingers. What could this mean? I am not as concerned about brain tumors anymore, but even more concerned about lupus and MS. Anyone recognize these symptoms?

I also started having that swollen-head feeling again. When I turn my head, it takes a while for my eyes to catch up.

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