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Does anyone out there experience this??? A pounding head, its as if I can feel the pulse in my head at all times. It is especially bad when I lay my head down (at night on my pillow for example). I have an appt next week to see a neurologist and they will probably set me up for a MRI. This has been going on for almost a year now and just suddenly seems to be getting worse. My head does not hurt, so it's not like a true headache, more of a discomfort, and it's hard to fall asleep. It (the pounding) seems to go up the back of my neck, over the top of my ears to my temples on both sides. Any suggestions?
I have had the exact same symptoms for over a year. I have had MRI, MRA, Cat Scan and other tests and all came back normal. Did you ever find out what you have? I cannot believe I actually found a person that has the same symptoms as I do. Please post back to me. I look forward to hearing back from you.
I have the same symtom but they found my problem. I have a blocked right corodid artery. The blood is rushing through three other arteries in my head instead of the four main ones. I sleep with a fan on at night to keep some noise in the room. I think it helps. Some nights it takes hours to fall asleep, I hate it! They found the problem doing a test called a WADA test for epilepsy surgery where they put a cathader in an artery in your leg and put it up to your brain to deliver a drug to disable that part of your brain. I don't think you'll have the same test but I'm sure they can hear it if the doctor listens to the blood flow in your neck. If it sounds abnormal they can do an ultrasound to find blood flow. I hope this can help someone with this problem.
That was oen of my symptoms and my MRI came up with me having Arnold Chiari Malformation a I suppose that sort of symptom can be froma number of things.
This is so weird as it was one of my first symptoms, Now i am not trying to scare anyone here but i was told the pounding was a heart problem. I went wrongley dx for years. Over the years that was my only symptom but then i fell on a slide very hard and everything stated going down hill. that was 8 months ago and i was just dx with ACM also Arnold Chiari Malformation. In the reaserch i have done and what my neuro surgeon told me that is one of the top 5 symptoms, i explain it as hearing my heart beat in my head and it only happens when i lay down and no it does not hurt just annoying. If you look up chiari you will understand why it only happens when you lay down because you are causing more compression. Please anyone who has had a MRI and it "DID NOT SHOW ANYTHING" Please have it rechecked so maybe you will not have to go though years of being treated for the wrong thing. Hope this helps if you have any more questions let me know.
I know EXACTLY what you are experiencing. I had the same symptoms after my concussion. Although the pulse in my head was on 24/7!!!!!!!!!
What was frustrating is that nobody knew what I was talking about and they all told me it was in my head. It was a pulse that made it hard for me to sleep, and I used to put my friends' hands on my head so that they could feel what I was talking about, but according to them , they felt nothing. I read later that these were migraines, and that mine was a basal arterial??? migrane.
The neurologist told me it would go away by itself. I didn't beleive him, but he was right. I would have to tell you that symptom went away after 2 months after the incident, only to be replaced by an annoying numbness of the brain that I have been feeling for about a month.

I really don't know what to say.I hope you feel much better. It is good that your doctor is taking your care seriously.
OMG! I can't belive I came across this topic! Everybody thinks I'm crazy and I know the pounding in my head is real. I even put a stethescope on my head in hopes that my husband could hear it and he can't. I had an MRI and CT scan and nothing was wrong. Is anyone experiencing any numbness with this symptom? I'm 29 and have been having this pulse in my head since I am about 12 years old. About 2 months ago my right hand and one little spot on my back is getting numb-comes and goes a few times a day. Please let me know if you are experiencing this with your head problems.

My mother has been suffering with head/ear pain and dizziness. She also has pounding in her head and headaches. She was recently told she has a pinched nerve which may be causing all of it. Deep tissue massage seems to alleviate some of it.
Hmm. I've had pounding in my head before. It's like you can hear your heartbeat...well, more like *feel* your head. It mostly happens when I get my heart rate up or am lieing in the bed trying to sleep. I don't *think* there is anything wrong with me, and I'm too young for heart problems. Maybe it's normal to have it from time to time?
Hello All, I too suffer from the pounding noise in my head. I have had this for about one year now and some days, especially at night when I go to bed and lay my head down the "noise" level in my head is unbearable. I too have tried to see if others can "hear" it using stethoscope (my sister's a nurse), they can't. Most of my family thinks it's "all in my head", which of course it is, but they have no idea how distracting this can be. Though it's not really painful, in that it never hurts, it's loud. Night time is the worst when I am ready to go to bed and I lay my head down, the pulse is so loud. Most people (Doctors) aren't familiar with this condition, though I was thankful when I saw my Doctor three months ago and he too suffered from this same condition. I forgot what he called it, I will find out and add it later. The good news (according to him) is that it isn’t “life threatening”, the bad news (always followed by the good news) is that you just have to “live with it”. He did prescribe a medication called: Butalbital/APAP/Caffeine, generic for Fioricet. Butalbital/APAP/Caffeine is a non-aspirin pain medication (acetaminophen) and caffeine. This non-narcotic pain medication and relaxant is often prescribed for tension headaches caused by contractions of the muscles in the neck and shoulder area, and migraine. (Web definition). I found that drinking a cup of coffee will often lessen or temporarily eliminate the symptoms. The fact that the medication has Caffeine as main ingredient led me to think this might work, and it seemed to. I was worried that taking the medication prior to bed would disrupt my sleep (again the caffeine) so I keep the med bottle in my nightstand and take it only when the noise level is really bad. When I’ve had to take it at night, I am often so exhausted, from lack of sleep that I have fallen asleep and the caffeine hasn’t been a problem. Taking the med in the daytime has never been a problem, but If you’ve ever had heart problems, I’d be concerned again it feels a bit like a big jolt of caffeine in your system, which can be an issue for the heart. My throbbing is primarily in my neck, on the left side, often times I have applied a slight pressure against the left carotid artery to briefly stop the pounding, so I can function/sleep, which works, but my husband says that can’t be a good thing and worries that I may be doing some “other damage” by reducing the amount of blood that flows. As soon as I get the official name for this condition I will post it, so if anyone is reading this check back within the next week or two to see if it’s been posted. Good-Luck to anyone suffering from this. Hope this info helps. Kellykid
I too am having many of these same symptoms and although I've had seemingly every medical test under the sun (including MRIs of the head, neck, chest, and heart), the physicians who have reviewed my case are unable to identify the cause. The constant pulsation, felt from my chest through my neck and into my head until about the earlobes, is maddening and debiltating -- I haven't had a good night's sleep since September.

I am an otherwise healthy and fit 25 year old male.

The main difference between my case and what I'm reading from some of you is that the onset of the 'pulsatile pressure' was gradual and is now constant; there is no numbness or pain; nor or there other symptoms consistent with ACM. So I believe that my problem may be identical to some of you, but only bears a single common thread with others.

I am taking 50mg of atenolol daily. This has lessened the symptoms somewhat, but not to any meaningful degree.

Please keep posting with your progress -- teamwork to recovery!
I also have to same symptoms. Have seen specialists and had various tests done. I have had MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, hearing tests and a BERA test, nothing has been found. I dont have a blocked corodid artery.

If anyone finds out what the pulsating is please let me know. I am sick of being dismissed by the medical profession.

Thanking you

I too have a pulse in the head, but only when I move my eyes horizontally. That's so bizarre.

It's clearly distinct from the heartbeat. I can hear the heartbeat in my head, esp. if I put my hands on my ears. However, I cannot really hear that pulse, but I can feel it. It's not a strong pounding, and it doesn't hurt at all. It's just annoying. Very annoying.

I only feel it when I move my eyes from left to right, or right to left, but never up/down/up. It does not happen either if I move my head horizontally without moving my eyes.

It' usually something between 1 and 5 pulses. The last ones in a sequence of 5 for example, are usually slower than the first one.

e.g. it goes: poom poom poom ... poom ... pooom

Everytime I move my eyes!

Any thoughts anybody? This is just so weird. Note that I have been taking Citalopram at a low dose for the past 9 months. That's an antidepressant. Also, I have been reguraly sick for the past 5 months, colds, chills, fever. Oh, and I have been sick with a cold with chills and a fever for the past 4 days now, and stopped Citalopram 3 days ago. Could this all be related? Cold + withdrawal symptoms?

In anycase, I am still very curious to understand what is causing this pounding.

Thanks for your help! Great thread BTW.
Hi there I am new to this so forgive me if I do something wrong.

I also have had the pounding in my head for at least the past 2 years. I have been dismissed by GPs and neurologists and eventualy ended up at an ear, nose and throat specialist.

I have had several CT scans, MRI's and an ultrasound they have all come back showing nothing. My arteries are also fine.

Please, please, please let me know if anyone finds any answers.
NB. I would be interested to know how many of us suffer from alergies and how many are smokers.
I've had pulsatile tinnitus since feb 2005. Wondered how it affects the sleep of other sufferers. I can be relaxed enough to fall asleep, seems to lessen before bedtime now, but it never fails to wake me throughout the night. Sometimes hanging my head off the side of the bed helps. Don't know if it's a muscular problem. I've read they tense up and you should try to sleep on your back, hard for me to do. I'm able to fall asleep quicker on my right side, the pulsing is on my left side. Having a hysterectomy 2 months prior to the start of this horrible condition may have contributed, don't know..hormonal changes, etc. Also caring for an autistic son plus a granddaughter with it, has caused me to perhaps grieve too much, dr has said it's compulsive thoughts that can contribute. I feel it's more vascular, has to be related to heart, since the pulses are in tune with it. Had an MRI recently, don't have results yet. If it's ok, he wants to do another cholestrol test. I've decided to do the red grapefruit a day thing, supposed to work quicker than oatmeal. Haven't noticed a whole lot of difference after 2 wks. I like them so it can't hurt.

I do find that doing things that make you exert shoulders /upper body I feel better. I seem to have a tendency to have tight breathing. Enuf for now. Thanks

I am not sure if i suffer from this but i do know when i excersice or when by heart rate increases I feel every pulse in my head, uncomfortable when your hearts beating 130 bpm!

But, the one thing i do to get rid of it is to put my fingers in both ears. This eliminates the problem. This is why im wondering if the pulse is actually in my ears and not my head.

Give it a try and see how it goes. Ive had this since i was young.

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