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Hmm. I've had pounding in my head before. It's like you can hear your heartbeat...well, more like *feel* your head. It mostly happens when I get my heart rate up or am lieing in the bed trying to sleep. I don't *think* there is anything wrong with me, and I'm too young for heart problems. Maybe it's normal to have it from time to time?

I too have a pulse in the head, but only when I move my eyes horizontally. That's so bizarre.

It's clearly distinct from the heartbeat. I can hear the heartbeat in my head, esp. if I put my hands on my ears. However, I cannot really hear that pulse, but I can feel it. It's not a strong pounding, and it doesn't hurt at all. It's just annoying. Very annoying.

I only feel it when I move my eyes from left to right, or right to left, but never up/down/up. It does not happen either if I move my head horizontally without moving my eyes.

It' usually something between 1 and 5 pulses. The last ones in a sequence of 5 for example, are usually slower than the first one.

e.g. it goes: poom poom poom ... poom ... pooom

Everytime I move my eyes!

Any thoughts anybody? This is just so weird. Note that I have been taking Citalopram at a low dose for the past 9 months. That's an antidepressant. Also, I have been reguraly sick for the past 5 months, colds, chills, fever. Oh, and I have been sick with a cold with chills and a fever for the past 4 days now, and stopped Citalopram 3 days ago. Could this all be related? Cold + withdrawal symptoms?

In anycase, I am still very curious to understand what is causing this pounding.

Thanks for your help! Great thread BTW.

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