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I too have a pulse in the head, but only when I move my eyes horizontally. That's so bizarre.

It's clearly distinct from the heartbeat. I can hear the heartbeat in my head, esp. if I put my hands on my ears. However, I cannot really hear that pulse, but I can feel it. It's not a strong pounding, and it doesn't hurt at all. It's just annoying. Very annoying.

I only feel it when I move my eyes from left to right, or right to left, but never up/down/up. It does not happen either if I move my head horizontally without moving my eyes.

It' usually something between 1 and 5 pulses. The last ones in a sequence of 5 for example, are usually slower than the first one.

e.g. it goes: poom poom poom ... poom ... pooom

Everytime I move my eyes!

Any thoughts anybody? This is just so weird. Note that I have been taking Citalopram at a low dose for the past 9 months. That's an antidepressant. Also, I have been reguraly sick for the past 5 months, colds, chills, fever. Oh, and I have been sick with a cold with chills and a fever for the past 4 days now, and stopped Citalopram 3 days ago. Could this all be related? Cold + withdrawal symptoms?

In anycase, I am still very curious to understand what is causing this pounding.

Thanks for your help! Great thread BTW.
I've had pulsatile tinnitus since feb 2005. Wondered how it affects the sleep of other sufferers. I can be relaxed enough to fall asleep, seems to lessen before bedtime now, but it never fails to wake me throughout the night. Sometimes hanging my head off the side of the bed helps. Don't know if it's a muscular problem. I've read they tense up and you should try to sleep on your back, hard for me to do. I'm able to fall asleep quicker on my right side, the pulsing is on my left side. Having a hysterectomy 2 months prior to the start of this horrible condition may have contributed, don't know..hormonal changes, etc. Also caring for an autistic son plus a granddaughter with it, has caused me to perhaps grieve too much, dr has said it's compulsive thoughts that can contribute. I feel it's more vascular, has to be related to heart, since the pulses are in tune with it. Had an MRI recently, don't have results yet. If it's ok, he wants to do another cholestrol test. I've decided to do the red grapefruit a day thing, supposed to work quicker than oatmeal. Haven't noticed a whole lot of difference after 2 wks. I like them so it can't hurt.

I do find that doing things that make you exert shoulders /upper body I feel better. I seem to have a tendency to have tight breathing. Enuf for now. Thanks

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