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i unfortunetly was just Dxed a couple of weeks ago with one in the cerebellar artery and it is sitting up against my brainstem,just lovely.this is all on top of already having to deal with the after effects of some very nasty spinal cord damage do to another strange vascular formation called a cavernous hemangioma that was lurking inside of my spinal cord like all my life,i just didn't know it till an MRI I had had to get because of a herniated disc in my c spine.the cavernoma just showed up inside my cord on the films,lying just below the herniated disc.wonderful.My NS sent me for an MRA about three weeks ago as i was having more bizarre neuro facial stuff(more than normal I should say)somehow,just with the way things go for me,I knew they were going to find it,I just knew it.The starngest thing though is that none of the facial stuff I am having is actually stemming from the aneuysm itself,it is all coming from my spinal cord damage.Thank god my NS is thorough you know?my aneurysm is approx about 3x5 mms,and just from what the MRA looks like,my interventional rad says it does not look,at this point like it would be a good candidate for coiling(well that sucked) and my NS says it is not a good candidate for a clipping.Yippie.i don't know just what will happen with this little SOB,but I really did not need this on tp of everything else.even monitoring it would be a total nightmare for me as my neuro status changes like constantly due to my SCI so just try and figure out if some new symptom is actually coming from the aneurysm or my SCI.i am really really hoping and praying that the angio will show that it is actually aneurysm is just in a bad spot within the actual artery as it is right at a bend in the artery whcih is also kind of just short of a juncton with another artery.with this being right up against my brainstem,(come on,you couldn't at the very least,put it in a little bit more accessable and much less risky spot???)i should know by the end of the angio on thursday just what my actual options are here,if any.god this terrifies me even more than my spinal cord nightmare.i could handle some paralyzation but not the possibility of actully losing 'myself" you know/oooo just too scarey.wish me luck on thursday pleae?Marcia

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