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I definitely understand what you are going through. My wife has the same symptoms. She started with just dizziness, then progressed to pressure/pain in her head, then progressed to the "vibrations/shocks" in her head, as she describes. She has these vibrations every day with no pattern. Loud noises and brigh lights make it worse. She is also ligh headed 24/7. All this started for her 1 year ago. Since march of this year she has been paralyzed 3 times from her disorder/disease which no doctors have been able to diagnose, not even the cleveland clinic. She has been to 6 or 7 neurologists, has had 2 mri's, 1 mra, 1 ct scan, 2 spinal taps, and 3 hospital stays. All tests have come back normal, so the docs say. Even all the blood tests were normal, so the docs say Before this she was a happy, young vibrant mother. she never had any symptoms, accidents before her dizziness started. Once her dizziness started it has all been downhill. I do not mean to scare you but this is something that has altered her life and has not gotten better. The neurologists she has seen, even the cleveland clinic neurologists has never seen these set of symptoms ever.
Below I will list all of her symptoms in order they occurred:

Dizziness, pain pressure in back of head, vibration/shocks in back of head starting in lower head and up to top of her head, total paralysis of arms and legs for 1 week each time and has happened 3 times over last 9 months. After each paralysis episode she had to learn how to use her arms and legs all over, Unbearable burning and pain in arms, legs and head. Pain is worse in her head.

She has been on Neurontin and Elloville for the "shocks" and pain which as helped. The doctors have prescribed these meds for the symptoms but the cause is still unknown. The only Idea we have is Central Nervous system Vasculitis. We have a friend that has the almost identical symptoms and was diagnosed with Central Nervous System Vasculitis after a brain biopsey

If anyone has any ideas please let us know.

Yesterdays child I definitely know what you are going through. I would definitely go to your doc and neurologist. Good Luck to you !!

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