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Nate, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I was gone for a few days.
Here are my physical therapy experiences. I was in a car accident and ended up with severe whiplash and was eventually sent to physical therapy when all other treatments failed. Here are the symptoms I had from that. My head was stuck turned to the side, my neck and shoulder muscles were in spasm and hard as rocks. I had horrible pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back, but mainly my neck. I was very lightheaded all the time. I could not think of normal words when saying something, and would stop in the middle of a sentence. I could not remember something that happened minutes before. I was off balance. I couldn't understand things sometimes when people talked to me, alot of confusion. I also had alot of headaches for the first time in my life. And I had dizzy spells. I did sleep alot, when i woke in the mornings, it was like I had gotten no sleep, I was very groggy half the day. I had problems with loud noises, as they reverberated in my ears, I was jumpy, and could not concentrate long enough to watch a TV show or read. I was prescribed pain meds., ice packs, home traction, went to the chiro. etc. But 6 months later I was still having relapses. I would get better, then move wrong, get bumped, and it would tighten back up again. I was then sent to a neuro. who sent me to physical therapy. PT helped me immensely and I learned why the other treatments didn't help as much as this did. It was explained to me that when your muscles have been severely strained, even though they may loosen up for a short time, they have a memory, and will tighten back up at the slightest wrong move, which is what mine were doing. These muscles need to have all the knots and tension worked out of them. The pain comes from the knotted up muscle itself and from the muscle pressing on any nerves, the dizzy spells, light headedness, and other symptoms I named, come from these muscles pressing on the blood vessels going to the brain. It is just not getting the correct amount of oxygen. I now go to PT when I have dizzy spells or am light headed even if I have no neck or back problem, and find every time, horrible knots in muscles that I didn't realize I had, and get these symptoms taken care of pretty quick.
I also had a herniated disk lumbar area years after the car accident and went to PT on my own for pain relief, which I got, but the disk was so bad, I did end up having to have surgery in the end. My symptoms from the disk problem were severe pain in my hip, buttocks, down my leg and to my foot, numbness in my foot, and tingling, and I could barely walk. PT helped so much with the pain that when I went to an ortho 8 months later, the doc was surprised at how little pain I was in because the herniation was very large, but I still had a limp and could not stand more than a few minutes. I hope I have answered your questions and helped you. BTW, if you go to PT, the one thing that aggravated my symptoms was the traction, I don't recommend that when your muscles are knotted up. Always let the therapist know what is working and what is not. Good luck to you

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