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Jamessb: I see Kamden refered you to some of my posts so I thought I'd respond personally. Being a fellow sufferer of "head problems" I understand how frustrating it can be. I've been trying to get back to feeling "regular" for the past year and a half, have seen a number of specialists, and spent countless hours researching conditions I can't pronounce or spell. Basically it comes down to this. Any good doctor will tell you they hate patients with dizzy problems because it's never easy to get to the root of the problem. They use a process of elimination whereby they'll eliminate the most obviouse causes, then tell you that you have the classic symptoms of ****hen it's on to the medications that don't seem to do anything (this is only my own bitter experience). Anyway, a little research will show that head problems are the most mis-diagnosed of any conditions. As Kamden stated, there is alot of new information supporting how knots in the muscles and fascia (fibers holding your insides together)can and will cause pain in other parts of your body by either putting pressure on the nerve or constricting blood flow. A knot in your back can cause arm numbness, one in your neck can cause inner ear and balance problems, etc. The point is that they can cause many different problems and you don't need to have back or neck pain either. My neck never bothered me before but my neurologist touched a couple of trigger points and YEOW, they hurt like hell and made my symptoms worse. I also noticed that high pressure situations aggravate my symptoms since they cause the muscles to tighten. I start physical therapy in a few days to see if they can get the kinks out and relieve most if not all of the symptoms (the neurologist is confident). I'll let you know how it works out.

In summary, head problems should be taken seriously. Rule out the major causes - tumors, epilepsy, MS, etc. - all of which can be detected but you should see a doctor. If clear, look into the muscle knots. The formal term is myofascial syndrome. There's alot of information on the internet. I'd rather get better with a back rub than taking nerve blocking drugs - How about it? Good luck.

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