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Hi Kamden. I have read your replies to alot of people including some of my own posts. Could you please tell me exactly what your symptoms were? My symptoms are so hard to explain. I can be standing still and all of a sudden it feels as if the floor moved. I grab onto the nearest thing thinking I'm going to fall over. The feeling is like something hit a nerve??? and I get a weird feeling in my head. No pain, just that funny sensation. Maybe like when you hit your funny bone in your elbow, but without the pain.(best way I can describe it)It only last a second or two. After it happens I get panicy. The very first one was when I was sitting on a stool at my job and I had to bend over to get something from underneath the counter....when I sat back up, I had that's not a lightheaded feeling either. ALSO...I have this thing when I am in bed...if my neck is in a certain position, I hear a sound, like the blood flowing through my veins...not in my ears, I hear it in my feels like the blood flow is being restricted and my head starts to hurt alittle. I have to change positions in order for it to flow properly. It happened several times last night. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all. I have also noticed when I am just sitting, my shoulders are tensed up. I notice this alot and have to relax them. Sometimes when I have been sitting for a period of time, I can hardly move my head to either side. VERY tensed! What I am asking I guess, is what EXACTLY were your symptoms? Please respond. I have asked my family and friends about my weird happenings and they have never experienced them. I've had a CT scan,been to ear Dr., family doctor. My family D.r feels its just stress. DUH...yes I have stress because I can't figure out what is wrong. He prescibed xanax, a 10 day supply.That was over 2 months ago, I still have 14 pills left. BUT...I have noticed IF I do take one, I don't have that weird sensation. If this is muscle related, why wouldn't I have them when taking a xanax? Sorry this is sooo long but I am so desperate for an answer. I don't know where to turn. Thanks Kamden for any info. (please describe your symptoms) :)

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