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Pinkblazer, first find out what ingredients are in the xanax. If there is any relaxant in them, this can explain why you don't have all the symptoms when you take them. Anything for stress may also be relaxing the muscles temporarily. I also was put on meds. when I had symptoms, only for them to come back full force when I went off them, because they were for inflamation. Here is a list of my symptoms. I had horrible dizzy spells, sometimes just while laying back in the recliner, sometimes while cooking a meal, and I had to grab onto the counter to keep from falling over, it felt like the floor moved under me, I was light headed at times, couldn't concentrate or remember things, and I almost always had a pressure sensation in my head, not really pain, although sometimes I would get headaches. I had a feeling of fullness in my ears at times, noises would bother me, that hadn't before. I cannot remember all my symptoms, because this was quite awhile ago. From what you have told me about your neck, you need to get to therapy and get this taken care of. For your neck to be so bad that you cannot move it, tells me it is most likely the cause of your symptoms. I would suggest you have this checked out right away, because these symptoms do not go away on their own, and your muscles won't get better on their own either. Your doctor can refer you to PT, I just asked mine. The problem with taking meds. for this is that you would have to live on them, but PT takes care of the cause of the problem, not the end result, which is the symptoms. A back doctor would be able to find these areas on you, ortho., neuro., or therapist, and let you know right away if this is the cause of your symptoms. It does sound like it is though, so please have it checked out right away so you can start getting better. Let me know what you find out and good luck. I know how miserable it is to feel this way.

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