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I was healthy untill 1 year ago. (im MALE 23) I started to get little pains near my appendix and the inside of my leg would pull.
I went to see a specialist who performed a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. I had nothing wrong with me except a small hiatus hernia and reflux oesophagus.

The sypmtoms I currently have are chronic I always suffer this daily;

* feel light headed.
* feel detached, almost like what im living isnt real.
* Hands tingle.
* lips tingle.
* forehead tingles
* feet buzz
* my left shoulder has a dull pain.
* I get these major attacks. (if this goes away Ill be very happy). When ever I sit for a long time. Or EVERY TIME i go to the cinema, i get this warm feeling all over. I first had this and thought it was a heart attack. I had my heart checked and its ok?!?
* I wake up at night and my arms feel heavy and my heart is pounding. I sleep on my stomach and have my head facing to the left. When i feel this, i lay on my back and i feel better!

The reason why I write in the forum is that 6 months ago I coughed hard and hurt a cracking sound in my back. This followed by horrible pain. I couldnt move for 1 week as any movement would cause cramps in my back. The pain went away after 2 weeks and i was normal.(be it for the pain in my appendix)

The pain near my appendix has gone but i still feel ill.

I have slowly been feeling worse and now my hands and feet tingle.
I also have a dull head ache and my head feels so heavy.

What on earth is going on???

Might it be like blood flow to the brain??

COuld i have pinched a nerve and maybe sitting down makes me feel hot and flustered??

It isnt a panic attack as when i first got it(it was about 5 weeks after i hurt my back) i was smiling and watching a football game on the TV.

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