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Hi again. Well I went to my neuro appt. yesterday. I left there alittle confused. All he did was check reflexes, took blood pressure in both arms then again while my head was turned to the left until it shook (like I was telling you about) and looked into my eyes with that bright little light thing. Afterwards all he said was..I have to agree with your family's stress and anxiety. He never felt my neck or anything. I asked him how he could be sure and all he said's stress. I asked him to order an mri..he told the receptionist to set me up an appt. to have MRI of my brain and also my cervical spine area. I don't go there until next Monday. When I first got there it was a bunch of long have I had this problem...what are the I healthly..(he asked me that 3 times) I told him how the chiro had me scared to death by what she had told me..he said, I know what she thought you might have, but you don't have that. How does he know I don't have that vertebral artery thing unless I have the MRI first??? I told him about my swaying, off balance feelings, about how the floor seems to move while standing still and I have to grab onto the counter, how my blood feels as if its being shut off when I turn my head to the left when laying down etc...he just didn't seem concerned about it. he didn't tell me what I could do to relieve the symptoms or anything. He is supposed to be the best neur around here. Shouldn't he have done some other tests while I was there? Well anyway, back to being nervous while I wait to have MRI appt. and the results. Any insights from anyone would be appreciated.

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