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hi, i am very worried about this pain i have been getting behind my right eye especially on movement i am 22 year old female....

my right eye hurts on movement not all the time, i got like a crampy feeling on the bone running from my right eye to my right ear, (constant tingle on that bone) my ear also i am heareing the odd clicking sound in it.. my right cheak keeps tingling as if i just eaten a sweet, i am drooling alot on my right hand side of my mouth, my right eye also waters from time to time especially when i got a pain on the right hand side of my head.. i had an mri in march all clear and i just had an eeg all was clear.. doctor put it all down to anxiety and has given me zoloft for the worry but its not working as of yet.. he has also refered me to an ent which i have to wait 17 mnths for, all this started beginging of the year but only recently ive noticed me drooling slightely and the tingling in the right hand side of my face.. feels bruised inside (as if i ate a sweet) ... any one know what this could be? i would love to know? thankyou so much


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