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Try going to get a hearing test -- first see if they find pressure in your ears, if not, then ask them to test you for Tinnitus (tin I tus). I'm 34 and female and been told for years nothing was wrong with my ears UNTIL i went and had a hearing test done right in the doc's office, he got told he was very wrong, pressure was evident (it went away but comes back) and the noise is separate. Tinitus has no cure, but they have ways of helping you cope with it. One of mine is running a fan to sleep with. Check it out ;)

[quote]Originally posted by Joey18:
[b] I'm very frusterated with this problem.. I've looked every where for an answer. I'm 18 years old.. And for the past couple months I have had weird noises in the back of my head.. clicking/popping/draining noises. And In the morning it seems worse... when my stomach is empty.. It's hard to tell if they are causing any physical symptoms.. for one I have bad ankles which can cause me to lose balance.. and I also have manic depression which makes me feel detatched from my body at times. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.[/b][/quote]

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