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Hi guys. I just wanted to ask a few questions, because I have had trouble w/ many of the same symptoms for the past 3 years, pretty much exactly the ones you describe, Nate. I just wanted to know if you ever really noticed your neck, upper back or jaw bothering you at all. I don't really have any severe neck or jaw pain, or anything like that. I do feel a sense of pressure at the base of my head, like where the skull meets the neck, and also kind of on the top of my head. And what do you mean by eye problems? I have eye problems also, the most bothersome is the feeling that things look like they're moving, like I can't tell whether or not my head is moving, even when I'm sure I'm not moving it. Actually I was and am still having pain in the eyes (mostly the right), and they always seem to be bloodshot.

One good thing to find out is that you and I are not alone in this. It's been so long that I've had this that I really don't remember what it feels like to not have feel normal. I have this dream that one day someone will find out what it is and the relief will be better than I could ever have imagined. The dark cloud lifted. But I think an ailment this mysterious will have no easy solution, but I do know there is one out there. No one I know has anything like this, so actually finding someone who does is somewhat of a relief. Hang in there. I know all too well that hope is hard to keep up. Anyway, I did have some questions somewhere back in that mess of a post, so don't forget about those! Keep me posted, and good luck!


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