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hi everyone....My problem happened 3 weeks ago i would get this odd blowing up sensation in my stomach all over my stomach and also tingling in that area. Great deal of anxiety which lead to nummerous painic attacks.
My neck was stiff and i think i pulled a muscle back there because i get tingling sensation from the back of my neck to the top of my head. I've been sleeping in a bad position for a month now so i don't know if that is the causes. Pass two days it got worse, i feel like when i breathe i get this anxiety surge, cramp-like pain that i feel at the back of my thoart, pain that shots up from my chest to my head, jerking movements while sleeping. The back of my head feels really tight. I went to emerge three times they did so many tests on me, blood work, brain scan, chest x-ray, everything came back normal. I went to the neurologist but he didn't say much because it could be irritated nerves....this is extremely scaring me...i feel anxious all the time....please help's so scary...could it be a irritated vagus nerve or something or irritated nerves in my head....???

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