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I'm a 15-year old, medium-overweight girl. About 5 weeks ago, I was lying in bed watching a movie when I felt an intense tingling, cold sensation on the back of my neck, around the base of the skull. I shrugged it off as 'one of those things' and went to bed. Since that day, I've been having mild to medium strength morning nausea- not enough to make me throw up, though. I've also been getting small twitches; usually it happens in my legs while sitting still, but it can happen anywhere at any time. I had chronic headaches for about a week after the first sensation of tingling; not in the morning, but progressively more towards the end of the day. My energy is gone and I'm very lethargic; towards the end of a normal day of school, I'm so drained I just veg out on my computer. The tingling sensation happened once more during the night about two weeks ago- it woke me up. However, I didn't get any effects like headaches from it. I wake up in the mornings with a VERY dry mouth and mild nausea, which usually eases after I get something in my stomach. I feel mildly dizzy throughout the day, and I'm easily distracted now (can't concentrate at all). I have pains (sort of twinges) in many random places on my body throughout the day, too. This all started just after I got back from vacation into a very high-stress environment (I go to a VERY high-pressure school). Could it be results of tension and anxiousness or signs of something else?

It's probably worth mentioning that I have the poorest posture known to man; if I'm performing any sort of activity, my head is hunched toward ny chest. When I'm walking, I stoop and pull my head in so my neck is tense. I think this stupid thing might be something to do with my heart, as I started feeling dizzy and headachy on my bus this afternoon; when I felt my neck to see my heartrate, it was so shallow as to be almost nondetectable.

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