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Head Pains
Dec 22, 2004
Hi all

Im very new to this board which I have just discovered so please forgive me if my 1st post is a bit long.

In June of this year I had a real bad headache which lasted about 2 days but then just vanished then about 3-4 months ago I started to get these strange shooting pains in my head, not necessarily in the same position I might add. However its usually around the sides and front of my head (forehead) and in or around the eyes. One minute the left side and the next the right. The pains are not severe and only last for a few seconds. There is a mild pressure around the sides of the head and by my ears. At the moment the pressure is in both sides of my head. Only mild though. I get pains in my ears also.

This year on two occasions I have also had a sore to the touch scalp which again comes in waves and only usually lasts for seconds. Also at the same time the pain would radiate into my ear/ears. My left ear was blocked by hard wax but that has since been removed.

I have seen a number of doctors at my local surgery and I was told that its stress and tension. Maybe its the case now but at the time things were going great for me so I had no casue for stress. The second visit resulted in the hard wax removal incase that was the cause but it wasnt. My 3rd visit I tried to be a bit more thorough in my symtoms. I explained to her that for years I have had a really sore neck which grinds and cracks all too often. This also seems to effect my shoulders also. I get occasional numbness on the sides of my hands also. She seems to think that this could be the cause of my problems and she could certainly be right. I will be going for physio for this.

However there is another problem I have which I have never really thought about until now. For many years I have been a heavy grinder of my teeth when sleeping, loud enough to keep a bunch of campers awake at night! Also for many years I have noticed that my jaw cracks and grinds when moving it around. Also the joint seems to hurt which is by the ear! So I thought it might be TMJ as the symptoms certainly fit it? I also get ringing in the ear/ears.

My problem is I am a huge health anxietist and am really worried that this could be a brain tumour even though 3 doctors says it just doesnt fit with a brain tumour. Do you think I should go back and explain about the possible TMJ?

Anyway thanks for listening, nobody else does :(

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