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I have a weird feeling at the base on my head on the right side where your head rests on your neck.
I sometimes have a pressure sensation and my arms feel heavy. I also get dizzy sometimes when I lay on my right side. The dizzyness goes away as soon as I lift my head and change positions.
My ears have rang for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it feels like my ears clog up and the ringing gets louder. I can't sleep in a totally quiet room because the ringing is sooo loud I have to have a fan or something going to drown out the ringing.
Does anyone else feel this way. A few years back my doctor told me that it could be a pinched nerve in my inner ear. I dunno. Any comments or advice?
I am scared that this could be a tumor but I have had this for so long that I would have thought that if it is a tumor that my symptoms would have worsened.
I went to an ear, nose and throat doc and they ran lots of tests but couldn't find anything.
I am very frustrated and very worried
Please help!

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