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It is doubtfull this is a brain tumor. I had all these symptoms stemming from muscle problems with my neck and upper back. Headaches, pressure in the head, feeling off balance, not with it mentally, weakness in the hands, and the feelings when you lay down and close your eyes, can be caused by lack of appropriate blood flow ( oxygen ) to the brain, from something as simple as sitting at a keyboard too long, a computer, using muscles in a way they are not used to. If your MRI shows nothing wrong, ask to have your trigger points checked and referred to a physcial therapist to have these worked on if they are found to be the source of the problem. I had these symptoms and many more, and thought I was losing it mentally, and they were all caused by muscle spasms in my back and neck. Also, it is common for docs to miss this as the source unless you specifically ask that these trigger points be checked ( by the neuro. ). Good luck to you

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I suggest if you haven't already had an MRI of your head with and without contrast that you ask for one. My daughter suffered with headaches and much pressure pain in her head. Also she had balance problems, visual problems, etc. These can all be associated with a brain lesion. Please, please insist on an MRI if you did not already have one. If you have an MRI please get a copy of the report because doctors do not always tell you everything.
I wish you the best. God bless you always.

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