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Hi, me too on all that stuff.
Still in trouble shooting phase.
One doctor first thought it was hormones.
I recently had a hysterectomy and
both ovarys removed in 2 different surgeries.
I've also got some old head and neck traumas
But recently I've had a lot of serious
health problems that have involved colon
emergencies and spikes in my pulse and BP.
In October, after struggling for many
months with a dysfunctional colon,
remaining pelvic pain, and a heart that turned
tachycardic, I went to the ER with
a high pulse and high BP with severe left
arm pain, a severe left side of the body
spasm and the left side of my jaw pushed out
to the side to where I had trouble talking
and eating wasn't even a negotiable option.
I did not receive quick or good medical care
at the ER and spent from the early morning hours
to the late afternoon the next working day
vomiting from a bad medication reaction.
The week after that, I saw a cardiologist
and my pulse and BP were so high that I
could not have a stress test for a month until my
new medication kicked in to keep my pulse down.
I've had a recent surgery in January for more
female and colon problems.
My surgeon has now suggested a couple of
new doctors to address the kind of things
that have been expressed here in the other
So far, my tachycardic heart has been
addressed with a beta blocker/ace inhibitor
and a diuretic.
My estrogen levels are being addressed with
a patch because my estrogen was down to 10
on a scale which should be between 70 and 700.
My blood sugar was found to be dropping to 22
and at the 20 mark is when people pass into a
coma. So that is now being addressed with
All of those things have contributed to helping
my cascade of odd sensations tremendously.
However, the "gone" unclear struggles for
thoughts and things I used to do easily is still
there. That's why I am being sent to a couple
new doctors. To investigate further.
Until better answers are found I take one day
at a time a little slower and much less
Currently, I am just really glad that we have been
able to identify the problems we have identified.
Any relief is good relief and from there we
keep moving towards progress even if it's
baby steps.

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