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What you wrote sounds like your mom had a anxiety attack. I know you mentioned she doesn't get them but there's a first time for everything. Your mom sounds like she's trying to endure way too much. Your body can only tolerate so much stress before it breaks down and it sneaks up on you. In other words, they litterally come out of no where. For years you can be fine and feel mentally strong then POW! I know, I've been there. On the other had the part where she lost sense of where she was and the time doesn't exactly fit in with the panic/anxiety. But, you never know everyone is different. I've heard some really weird and I mean weird stuff that has happened to people that get these attacks. They can make you feel like your going to die. She may have got so frightened of what was happening that it caused her to lose mental focus for that time. She should at least see her family doctor and explain what happened.

When I first started getting panic attacks the following things occured...

Feeling like I couldn't catch my breath
Heart started pounding and or skipping beats
Feeling like my head had pressure in it
Feeling like things around me weren't real

These symptoms are just a few that I experience myself. I've had these attacks for 6 yrs. now but can deal with the symptoms much better and I'm on xanax which is a relaxant. I only take the xanax if the attack gets really bad because they can be addictive.
There are a host of other symptoms that people experience when they're overloaded with stress. Please encourage her to see the doctor and if needed get some meds. to help calm her if anxiety is what the doctor diagnoses. Good Luck!

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