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sk8, From what you describe you might just have a lot of really bad structural misalignment or even disc damage. Breaking ones wrists can transfer a lot of pain up into the neck from the impact it takes to break a bone.
All too often when we sustain an injury it doesn't come back to haunt us for many months or even years later.
I have a whole left side injury which includes my neck
and head. I also have a number of organic problems that contribute to a whole body pain confusion.
For my body I have found that anti spasmodics work really well.
However I didn't get any anti spasmodics util I developed an irritable bowel.
Right now my doctors are treating my pain in layers which means a lot of medicine but I do get a bit of relief here and there. I have some really good days and then some really terrible days.
I am going to see a Neurologist and a Doctor of Physical medicine soon.
Good luck with fiding help for the problems.
Sometimes it takes more than one kind of doctor if your reasons are multiple involving structure along with a disease process.

P.S. Diabetic symptoms can also be the opposite problem of hypoglycemia.
Hypoglycemia can get to be a serious matter that requires medication to make the body cells more sensitive to Insulin.
Both Hypoglycemics and hyperglycemics(diabetics)
have problems with insulin resistence.
But the blood levels do different things for
different reasons even though both situations are treated with metformin.
You have to get a specific Glucose Tolerance Test to properly identify hypoglycemia if you come out with no sign of diabetes.

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