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PLEASE help me distinguish. I have had this 'dizzy'-like feeling for about as long as i can remember, but i guess having it i have just thought it was normal or just the way I was. Recently, with symtoms getting much worse, i have decided against this- this can't be normal to feel so out of it and in pain. These are my symtoms:
-Dizziness and feeling out of it (sometimes i'll just realize i've been off in my own world for a long time in school and other times)
-headaches... i have lots of pressure in different areas of my head, pain sometimes worsening
-sinus... my head always feels like i have sinus pressure, and have stuffy nose
-neck pain... my neck is always in pain, especially at the base of my skull. Those points on the side are very sore when i push on them, and seems to add much discomfort throughout my head, but at the same time possibly making my dizzy symtoms better
-hypothyroid... was diagnosed with this back in about november 2002, medicine didn't seem to help so i quit taking it and now am taking medicine for my adrenal glands for another doctor who is an acupucturist/chiropractic
-Magnesium deficiency- diagnosed by a doctor in St. Louis
-very fatigued... my whole body is always very tired and weak feeling, the same feeling you'd get after working out very intensely or running long distance. Feet fall asleep easily. Also, my arms are weak/fatigued and my hands get numb/tingly on and off and also go from sweaty and clammy, to very dry.
-eyes weak... easily become tired, like eye strain. Am planning on trying to get contacts.
I was also diagnosed with Candida about the same time as hypothyroid. This is yeast growth in the stomach that feeds off of sugar and yeast. I am not supposed to eat sugar or very many carbs., as they turn into sugar. I do think that this has enabled some relief from my stomach pain, but my dizzyness and headaches are still there very much so. I am in the 11th grade, and have always made very good grades in school until last year when these symtoms all worsened. Around the same time that they got worse, i was also going through depression because of being moved to a different school. I am being stronger emotionally now, but I am really just pretty numb from feeling this way for so long. I have difficulty concentrating or thinking well, especially in classes such as Algebra 2 where it takes brain power. I did not mean to make this post so long, i just need someone to help me. I am currently going to a Alternative Medicine doctor who does acupuncture on me once a week, and taking medicine for Candida, adrenals, Magnesium, and flax-seed oil for dry skin. My youth pastor's 17-year old sister was just diagnosed with a brain tumor, and she was having headaches and diabetic-like symtoms. This made me go back to the possibility of myself having something like a brain tumor. Anyone's input would be great. I've had accidents with 4-wheelers and other things, also, and broken both of my wrists. Hernea surgery. Just for you to take into consideration. -Thanks , and all of your prayers would be greatly appreciated. God bless you all.

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