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hi all.. i have posted this in a few boards, i was told to come here..

i have a genuin problem that is getting worse...
For 2 years i suffered from severe migranes and dizziness, alot of tingling down my righthand side of face.... i had an mri march and was normal, few mnths ago i started to get electric shocks in my head causing me to freak out and an overwhelming fear happened to me so i had an eeg to rule out epilepsy all was normal that was 2 mnths ago, recently i have noticed i have been druling down my right hand side of my mouth (watering) ach in my ear with a clicking sound (ears have been checked and r ok) also when i open and close my mouth it clicks, not when i talk or when i eat... only when i eat chewy things such as steak etc... a swishing sound in my right ear, very severe tingling in my right cheack as if i have eaten a sweet it is awfull and constant.. also a stabbing pain behind my right eye that comes and goes pain on the bone between my right eye and my right ear not severe just a quick stabbing pain and also i am flushed.. also it is as if my nerve between my ear and my cheak is pinched it is tingling like crazy, and my mouth is really watering, now it is starting to make the right hand side of my neck feel quite stiff and tender... i have taking a pain killer which has only eased it off but i am freaking out... doctors wont do nothing else now, been to see many of them and all they say is to take pain killers.. ????? refered me to an ent (14mnths to wait) and general medicine (9 mnths to wait) i am scared :( :( :( :( also my right eye is watering constantly due to the pinching feeling... had an mri last march and the doc are using that as an excuse not to refer me for any other tests and to wait for the ent or general medicine, BUT the symptoms are getting worse. i have a hospital appointment tommorrow for something else,shall i take myself to casualty.. i want a ct scan and a spinal tab to rule out more things i am so scared i am shaking.. what shall i do.. thankyou for reading.. od bless and a happy new yr



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